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Hazrat Khwājā Sayyid Amīr Kulāl quddis sirruhū was born in 676 AH
(1277/1278 C.E) and passed away on 2 Jumāda al-Thānī 772 AH
(21/22 December 1370). He received spiritual training from Hadhrat Khwaja Muhammad Baba Sammasi quddisa sirruhu. He was the shaykh of the founder of Naqshbandi Order Hazrat Khwājā Bahā’uddīn Naqshband Bukhārī.

His Sons

He had four sons, all of whom were great Sufi masters of their times.

  1. Hazrat Sayyid Ameer Burhān quddis sirruhū
  2. Hazrat Sayyid Ameer Shāh quddis sirruhū
  3. Hazrat Sayyid Ameer Hamzā quddis sirruhū, who became his successor
  4. Hazrat Sayyid Ameer Umar quddis sirruhū

His Khulafā

His khulafā are known to be 104 in number. After his sons, some other names are the following:

  1. Hazrat Khwājā Bahā’uddīn Naqshband Bukhārī quddis sirruhū
  2. Hazrat Maulānā Ārif Deg-girānī (دیگ گرانی) quddis sirruhū
  3. Hazrat Shaykh Muhammad Khalīfā quddis sirruhū
  4. Hazrat Ameer Kulān Wāshī quddis sirruhū
  5. Hazrat Shaykh Shamsuddīn Kulāl quddis sirruhū

The next in the Naqshbandī Mujaddidī Tāhirī spiritual golden chain is Khwāja Sayyid Muhammad Bahā ad-Dīn Naqshband al-Bukhārī.

Related Books

  1. Āgāhī Sayyid Amīr Kulāl (Urdu translation) by Maulānā Shahābuddīn, translated by Muhammad Nazīr Rānjhā, 2010. (200 pages)
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