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16. Hazrat Syed Bahauddin Naqshband h

[ to be translated in English ]

نقِش باطّل کو مٹادے مرأتِ دل سے مرے
[ to be translated in English ] حذرتِ خواجۂ بہاؤادیں ظیا کے واسطے

- Extracts from Sijra-ay-Tayyiba - Shiekh Syed Mahmood Hassan Rizvi (Rehmat'ullah Alaiyh)
حضرت سیدمیاں محمّد حسن محمود رضوی نقشبدی مجددی عزیزی رحمتاالله علیه

Translation to English by Anwar-un-Nabi [please forgive any mistakes]

[Written by Shaykh Gibril Fouad Haddad]

Some qualities of the Way’s Imaam, the Rescue (ghawth) of creation (in his age), the Godly Scholar, Temple of The Eternally Besought (Samad), Allah’s Argument over Gnostics and His Gift to the worlds, the reviver of the Master of Prophets’ Sunnah, refuge of the poor and needy (to Allah), source of the Siddeeqi secrets (pertaining to Abu Bakr al Siddeeq Radia’l Laahu `Anhu), center of Bistaami sciences, whose beginning is the end and whose end has no limit, Bahaa’u l-Haqq Wa’l Haqeeqah Wa’d Deen[1], known as Shaah Naqsh Band, al Shaikh Muhammad al ‘Uwaysi al Bukhaari, may Allah Sanctify his innermost (soul) and Pour upon us and those treading (the Way) his spiritual abundance (fayd) and righteousness.

Muhammad Baha'uddin Shah Naqshband
May Allah Bless His Secret and Sanctify His Soul

"The turtle-dove sings its lament at dawn, and weeps.
My tears disturb her sleep and her tears disturb mine.
When she and I complain, we understand not each other.
But I know her grief and she knows mine."

Abul-Hasan an-Nuri.

He is an Ocean of Knowledge that has no shore. Its waves were woven with the pearls of Heavenly Knowledge. He cleansed humanity with his Ocean of Innocence and Piety. He quenched the thirst of souls with the water of his spiritual Support. The whole world, including its oceans and continents, were within his grasp. He is a star decorated with the crown of Guidance. He sanctified all human souls without exception with his holy breath. He adorned even the remotest corner with the secrets of Muhammadun Rasul-Allah . His light penetrated every dark lair of ignorance. His outstanding proofs cast away the least whisper of doubt from the hearts of humanity. His powerful miracles brought life to hearts after their deaths and provided souls with their provision for the spiritual realm. He was nursed in the Station of the Arch-Intercessor when he was a child in the cradle. He sipped the nectar of Unseen Knowledge from the cup of Reality. If Muhammad were not the last of the Prophets , he would have been a prophet. All Praise to Allah for sending such a Reviver of Religion (mujaddid). He uplifted the hearts of humanity causing them to soar in the sky of spirituality. He made kings to stand at his door. He spread his guidance from North to South and from East to West. He left no one without heavenly support--even the wild animals in jungles. He is the greatest Ghawth, Arch-intercessor, the Sultan of Saints, the Necklace of all the spiritual Pearls that were bestowed on this world by the Divine Presence. By the light of his guidance Allah caused the good to be the best and transformed evil into goodness.

Narrated by Ubayy ibn Ka'b (Radi Allah Ta'lah Anhu): "I said: Allah's Messenger (Sal-allahu-aleihi-wasallam), I invoke blessings upon you very frequently. How much of my supplication should I devote to you. He said: As much as you like. I said: May it be a quarter? He said: As much as you like, but if you increase it, it will be good for you. I said: May it be a half? He said: As much as you like, but if you increase it, it will be good for you. I said: May it be two thirds? He said: As much as you like but if you make an increase in it, it will be better. I said: May I devote the whole of my supplication to you (that I make in my prayer)? Thereupon he said: In that case it will take care of you and your sins would be expiated."

Tirmidhi transmitted it. Hadith No. 929 of Mishkat al-Masabih. [src: road-to-heaven.com]